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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend Projects- Satisfaction!

It doesn't look very glamorous and "arty" but I dug in and cleaned out the storage space off my sewing studio. Check out the before and after- here is my new, lean and mean storage area.

Where did it all go? Well, 2 huge bags went to the dumpster and a large cardboard box filled with paper went to recycling; another box full lots of pillows, unused frames, a flagpole, and odds 'n ends is headed to our local charity shop while a laundry basket full of paints, canvas, brushes, etc. is headed to my "wet" studio in a diffferent location; two plastic crates will serve me well in my office at Squam Art Workshops- perfect to file all those registrations that will be coming in February. I actually have some unused space on one shelf, and the toilet and shower are now accessible.

 I was surprised that it only took half a day to do (lesson learned- don't procrastinate on the nasty jobs), but amazed at what I had saved and buried....half-finished projects, bits and pieces of batting and fabric too small to really be of any use...and what I found, like a glue gun with lots of sticks that I didn't even remember having!
Ahh, such satisfaction to complete a project so early in 2010 - let's here it for "De-Clutter"!

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  1. Feels so good doesn't it? I finished mine last weekend and found the same as you - stuff I didn't even know I had (like TWO copies of Juicy Pen Thirsty Paper) and all kinds of other goodies - some I didn't need anymore and LOTS I'd forgotten I even had. Hooray for decluttering!!