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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Can This Space Be Saved?!?

A lot of bloggers are choosing a word for the year - Kathy picked "Delicious" and Mary Beth chose "Spread" ....well, my word would be "Clutter" or rather "De-Clutter"!
Since summer I've been struck by urge to clean out, pare down, simplify my home and space. I've cleaned closets, sorted through the cupboards in my kitchen, tried to organize the paper that comes into the house via the mail (letting magazine subscriptions lapse, shifting to automatic bills and statements, recycling catalogs immediately). But one area I have neglected is my sewing space. I've just kept piling up the stuff until it has overwhelmed me.

Well, thanks to a challenge in the January AARP magazine, I'm ready to tackle this black hole.

What you see is a small bathroom/closet on our third floor that has become my storage area- you may just be able to make out the toilet under a pile of burlap and stuffing! And see the 3 layers of plastic bins blocking the shower?

We don't use this bathroom unless overflowing with company so ....well....I kinda took it over.
So, stay tuned for a makeover which no doubt will entail lots of trips to the trash bin and secnd hand shop.


  1. oh i wish i lived near by, I love an organizing project.....yes, I am serious. I love sorting through stuff and putting it in its proper home. With that said I have a major space in my basement that needs a makeover. I may start this weekend.

  2. Kathy, so wish you were here to help, too. Ordinarily I also love a good project, but this is a little overwhelming. Goal- to have only one layer deep of shelves (freeing the toilet up for use!). Plan- take everything out, sort, thin and toss, and then only put back what I REALLY think I want to keep and use. Some baskets have half finished projects I know I won't be doing again. Peg