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Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm Smitten!

Elizabeth sent me a bean soup recipe from the Smitten Kitchen, and now I'm hooked! I signed right up for updates and have not been disappointed with the great photos, yummy dishes, and upbeat writing by Deb. Even though she isn't vegan, many of her dishes are, or can be easily adapted by me. Here's my first try at her Smashed Chickpea Salad/Sandwich Spread. The lemon and olive oil give a fresh zing, a nice change from my usual vinagrette.

As I'm stuck at home during a rain/ice storm I had to use what was on hand, so I used dehydrated parley and my new best friend, dried red bell pepper flakes from Penzeys Spices. I confess, fresh parsley enhance this salad, but I actually like the dried red pepper add  a sweet/hot touch. The red pepper is my tweaking of the recipe as I'm using this dish as a salad not for sandwiches (Deb suggested garlicky pickled red peppers as a sandwich addition).
Easy dish, delish, a new favorite!


  1. Nice!! Now I am smitten too, as I just checked out the site and it is wonderful. Super duper photography and some very interesting recipes.

  2. Hey Peg!, I read your info about your studio in Studios, the special edition of ClothPaperScissors! I don't feel so bad about my own space as far as size. Like your thoughts on what you need to make it a comfortable space to work and as a "sanctuary". I need that as well. The problem with mine is that it is also in the basement area, as yours is, but it is right in the path of the door to the attached garage. So I can't spread out for fear of blocking the know? So I'm in the process of moving to the other side where the utility area (laundry) is located. It will be a 10' x 13' without a worry about traffic through the area. I've made a list of all the things I feel I need to have a likeable and efficient space to work. I do altered books, handmade books and blank cards. I have over 40 card designs. Just starting working on jewelry. My problem is I keep expanding my art types....Do you think that is bad or should I be concentrating on a specific art? I battle that all the time, wondering if I am spreading myself thin.
    On another note, I moved my shop from Etsy (although I still have an account there) to I really like the fact that I pay $12 a month and that is it! No sharing my profits with Artfire as with Etsy. And the fee is the same each I can budget much better that way. If you're curious about my space and what I do..I invite you to check my store at I also have a blogspot as well at

    I'm with you about being in a sunny area. As I get older (I was a teacher for 33 years) I long for being in a place where the sun shines most of the time. I love the sun and it seems to fire my creative spirits. Well, maybe someday.

    Hope we can become blog buddies. It's one thing I am trying to do by reaching out and finding other doing somewhat of the same kinds of things I do.

    Take care and happy crafting.
    p.s. Hope to hear from you.