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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Follow My Adventures !

FYI: I'm posting photos and short logs of my travels in Turkey and China at open access
Visit me there for more news and views. Photo here is Galata Tower built by the Genoese in the mid-14th century.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

4,000 Miles for a Hug

It's been over a year since our daughter Sarah left for the Peace Corps in Central Asia. This week we were able to pull off our one and only visit during her 27-month commitment with a rendezvous in Istanbul, Turkey. How wonderful to be able to hug her again! And what a treat to be in this city for 8 days. All the adjectives are true- exotic, colorful, bustling, crowded, and a shoppers paradise.
We've mixed little adventures with lots of down time to just sit and visit. Rick Steve's Istanbul book has been an invaluable help in getting around and feeling comfortable. We rented an apartment from Istanbul Holiday Apartments in a perfect location on a small alleyway filled with little shops, cafes and local color. We are a short tram ride away from the Blue Mosque (see photo above), Hagia Sophia and other sites in the Old Town across the Golden Horn. Our 1885 building is next door to a small mosque so we awake every morning to the call to prayer.
Trip Highlight: Sarah's host family planned a business trip here at the same time so they could meet us. What an honor to meet Chary (Dad), Towshun (Mom, and Kemal (little brother).

Friday, October 16, 2009

Just What I Needed!

The Universe knows just what I need-how can I doubt it? On a trip to Borders, after I picked up the gifts I was after, I was aimlessly wandering around. One part of my brain said, "Get a coffee or leave" and the other asked "What am I looking for?" I turned, and there right by me was Gretchen, a cabin-mate from Squam! We had a mini-reunion, caught up on our lives, gave hugs, and both were cheered by the chance (oh, yeah?) meeting. Gretchen, a fabulous photographer, took this shot. Great picture of both of us, and what a great example of vanishing point! And this meeting sparked a whole re-connecting with the other Eldorado Eleven online. Gotta love the internet for keeping friends together. FYI-check out Gretchen's artwork at Her paintings are like stories without words. Each time I look at one I see a new treasure.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Finding Solace in Everday Beauty

Heart aching, feeling overwhelmed trying to make decisions for an ill and aging parent. Feeling so alone and missing the loving, capable mother, the artistic soul who took up quilting at age 80, still pushing herself to have something in her hands to work on even though it is so hard now. And then I recalled Jenny Doh's talk at Squam about making something from nothing and using creativity to help yourself through hard times. But, no time to start a project even if I had one in my heart. What to do?
I decided to give myself one hour to walk around my home and really look at the beauty in the everyday, what I was too busy to see as I rushed here and there. And what beauty I found!
I never noticed the extra - ordinary fungus growing on a tree stump just off my driveway.

And the fall leaves came in so many shades and variations of red and yellow. I decided to gather some glorious red ones and make a heart to send my love to my mom so far away right now.

One Hour, just looking around me, just being present.

Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm So Lucky!

The last morning at Squam a few of us woke up early just before sunrise, ran out onto the dock in our socks and jammies and stood in awe of the sight around us- mist rising off the water, clouds above the distant hills, the glow of the rising sun expanding. There was a reverent silence as we watched the day begin.
I am so lucky to live in this beautiful place where I can have these moments often. I need to remember this when life gets busy, I'm feeling stressed about getting things done, hurrying on to the next task. Stop, breathe, look around, be present, say "thank you" for my life.