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Monday, October 12, 2009

Finding Solace in Everday Beauty

Heart aching, feeling overwhelmed trying to make decisions for an ill and aging parent. Feeling so alone and missing the loving, capable mother, the artistic soul who took up quilting at age 80, still pushing herself to have something in her hands to work on even though it is so hard now. And then I recalled Jenny Doh's talk at Squam about making something from nothing and using creativity to help yourself through hard times. But, no time to start a project even if I had one in my heart. What to do?
I decided to give myself one hour to walk around my home and really look at the beauty in the everyday, what I was too busy to see as I rushed here and there. And what beauty I found!
I never noticed the extra - ordinary fungus growing on a tree stump just off my driveway.

And the fall leaves came in so many shades and variations of red and yellow. I decided to gather some glorious red ones and make a heart to send my love to my mom so far away right now.

One Hour, just looking around me, just being present.


  1. Hi dear Peg-thinking of you and your love for your mom. The leaves heart is beautiful! Missing Squam too.

  2. Peg I love this post and I cannot tell you how much I needed to be reminded of finding the beauty in everyday life. I will say many prayers for you and your Mom. The heart of red leaves will make me smile the rest of the dAY......THANK YOU!!!

  3. Dear Peg, I've thought of you so many times in the last few months but especially since September Squam, wishing I was there on the lake again. I'm glad it was such a good experience for you. This post is just beautiful. There is nothing more peaceful than a walk in the woods. I hope you continue to find the solace you need as you care for your mom. Fondly, Kathy

  4. It's so important to take time to nurture yourself. Somehow it seems like, when life is at its hardest, that's when our hearts are most open to what's around us! My heart is with you as you work through this time in your life.

    Missing Squam and our lovely Eldorado family terribly!!

    Take care Peg,

  5. Beautiful. I am glad you are taking time for yourself, it is so necessary, isn't it?
    Hugs sweetie.