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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

4,000 Miles for a Hug

It's been over a year since our daughter Sarah left for the Peace Corps in Central Asia. This week we were able to pull off our one and only visit during her 27-month commitment with a rendezvous in Istanbul, Turkey. How wonderful to be able to hug her again! And what a treat to be in this city for 8 days. All the adjectives are true- exotic, colorful, bustling, crowded, and a shoppers paradise.
We've mixed little adventures with lots of down time to just sit and visit. Rick Steve's Istanbul book has been an invaluable help in getting around and feeling comfortable. We rented an apartment from Istanbul Holiday Apartments in a perfect location on a small alleyway filled with little shops, cafes and local color. We are a short tram ride away from the Blue Mosque (see photo above), Hagia Sophia and other sites in the Old Town across the Golden Horn. Our 1885 building is next door to a small mosque so we awake every morning to the call to prayer.
Trip Highlight: Sarah's host family planned a business trip here at the same time so they could meet us. What an honor to meet Chary (Dad), Towshun (Mom, and Kemal (little brother).

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  1. Peggy these pictures are wonderful. How amazing and exciting. I hope you share more of your adventure.