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Friday, October 16, 2009

Just What I Needed!

The Universe knows just what I need-how can I doubt it? On a trip to Borders, after I picked up the gifts I was after, I was aimlessly wandering around. One part of my brain said, "Get a coffee or leave" and the other asked "What am I looking for?" I turned, and there right by me was Gretchen, a cabin-mate from Squam! We had a mini-reunion, caught up on our lives, gave hugs, and both were cheered by the chance (oh, yeah?) meeting. Gretchen, a fabulous photographer, took this shot. Great picture of both of us, and what a great example of vanishing point! And this meeting sparked a whole re-connecting with the other Eldorado Eleven online. Gotta love the internet for keeping friends together. FYI-check out Gretchen's artwork at Her paintings are like stories without words. Each time I look at one I see a new treasure.

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  1. Oh, wish I were there-I could use a dose of Squam love! Hope all is going well with your mom's arrangements and your global travels (China and Turkey, right?) I'm doing college visits with my son this week. Haven't been in my studio much-must make art!