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Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Studio, My Friends

This is where I work, at least for the paper, paint, and paste projects. Small but great- you're looking at 6' by 12' including the sitting area. I can say that everything I need is practically at my fingertips here! And the view is fabulous as I look down into the woods where I've seen bear, owls, and other critters go about their day (yes, I saw the owl in later afternoon, not night!).

And keeping me company is artwork by friends and admired artists, like my little red bird made by Laurie May Coyle. She's keeping watch over my growing collection of books I'm making in preparation for a bookbinding class I'll be teaching this fall.


  1. Thanks for showing us your space -- it is so inviting! That little sitting area really reminds me of our evenings on the porch of Shingle Blessedness!

    And thanks for showing where your little birdie is living, that makes me so happy that he's keeping you company. And I LOVe the books -- awesome!

  2. What a beautiful space to create in! I hope you'll share more about your bookbinding class soon... your collection looks wonderful!

  3. oh Peg! This is all so wonderful, so vibrant and full of life-- love your space and your blog and look forward to reading your posts!

    Bisous, E

  4. whoops-- that was me up above-- the dragonfly yoga was erroneous-- (I had helped Katie with her website and somehow that stuck to me)-- oh well-- hee


  5. Hi Peg,
    I am trying to stay awake to visit this blog...I am still wiped out from SAW. I love your studio and am wondering is this the condo? I miss creating with one to laugh with when I make a mistake or just a huge mess.
    The books are beautiful.