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Monday, June 29, 2009

Botanical Print Pillow-at last!

I finally acted on an idea I had after taking Maya's Botanical Printing class at Squam Art Workshops- I used one of my flower prints as the center of a pieced and quilted pillow. Love the results! Can't wait to make another one. Abby Normal is also pleased to have a kindred spirit sharing the rocking chair with her. She came from one of my favorite stores, Tessuti Zoo, in California, made by Emily.
To keep hands busy while watching TV (can't just watch, can you??) I knit beanies for the next project for CraftHope. These are for project #3 and heading to 3 orphanages in India later in July. What a great idea to link crafters with charities!


  1. Love how your incorporated your print into such a vibrant and happy pillow! Your quilting around the flower that great piping are my favorite details. Beanies for Craft Hope! Hurray!!

  2. just received your lovely beanies today! thank you!