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Monday, November 30, 2009

Back in the Game of Blogging!

Well, I'm back! What wonderful experiences I had this past month globetrotting to see my girls. I just spent the morning catching up on my favorite blogs and decided I'd better get back to my own. I uploaded all my photos to Shutterfly so I won't overwhelm you with them, but here are just a few of my favorites from China.
On my first day in China there was a snow storm! Newspapers reported that the government had seeded the clouds to bring rain due to a bad drought, but cold temps produced several inches of snow instead.

I felt very brave venturing out on my own, taking the very-easy-to-use subway to the Forbidden City and Tiannemen Square. I visited a beautiful and tranquil garden just before entering with the masses.

A side trip from Shanghai took us to a beautiful canal town of TongLi. We wandered the alleyways, stopping in at lovely gardens, watching people go about their day. It was cold and rainy, so lunch at a small noodle shop was a warm respite.
Now it's back to the piles of mail, suitcase to unpack, errands to run as I re-enter life back home.

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